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    Join Clan Irwin Association And Meet Your Extended Family

    Clan Irwin Association is there to help you take pride in and to perpetuate the legacy of your Clan. You will be able to learn more about your Scottish heritage and history while enjoying the acquaintance and friendship of fellow clan members.


    Membership in the Association provides you with the following specific benefits

    •            Access to the Members only Clan website including

    o            Social Media Events

    o            Historical information

    o            Links to events

    o            Links to Games where the Clan is hosting an tent

    •            An electronic copy of the Quarterly Clan newsletter, the Holly Leaf Chronicle.

    •            Email updates on matters of interest to members

    •            Upon request, your own Clan Irwin email account

    •            Access to Genealogical information including

    o            DNA studies for men and women

    o            Information on location of a public library repository that contains a wealth of information on all things Irwin

    •            A membership card

    •            Information from umbrella organizations: COSCA (US), CASSOC (Canada).

    •            Access to Discounted merchandise and Scottish Tours

    •            Discounted memberships to National Trust for Scotland USA


    Membership dues are reasonably priced and discounted for longer term memberships

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    Clan Irwin are a very active organisation we would love to keep you up to date with our past History & Future events. 

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